Ich hab mich mal selbst vom Tisch genommen

Who wins, celebrates. Except me. After winning the WPT Cyprus I took a taxi, then a plane, then the airport, then the next plane, then the bus and then the next online casino without download  Philadelphia. I did not sit there for long, the dealers did not think it was good and after a few hands I sat in front of the door. That was good. Because actually I was really at the end. I once took myself off the table. Now I'm sitting in Maryland with my girlfriend and go on vacation. Finally.

I wrote poker history, two big WPT titles in a row. This time it became clear "already" the day after, when I read my congratulatory messages: What I have achieved here in Cyprus is something really extreme. The victory in Las Vegas gave me even more strength. When there were only 30 players left, I felt that I had this one chance and it does not happen very often. And then I actually did it.

On September 3rd, it continues with Partouche in Cannes, from there via WPT Paris, WPT Malta and back to Cannes for the WSOPE. I will use the coming weeks to analyze my game. I'll share the important findings with you soon!

Your Marvin

Who wins, learns.

It is said that one learns the most from defeats. I do not think so. Victories are the best teachers. Especially in poker. For whoever wins sits the longest at the table, sees the most hands, and has so much experience, like no one else. Of course you have to be focused all the time, not rest. You can always get better.

I've learned a lot from the titles of WPT Vegas and Cyprus. The fact that I already started in Cyprus with a big victory probably gave me a little more power. When there were about 30 players left, I realized that I have a historic chance of winning two WPT titles and this will not happen very often. In the game itself was positively surprised by myself. May one say.

I had climbed from my 200k shortstack to 1.1 million and then let my kings run in Asse. Already I was back at 400k. Shortly thereafter Sam El Sayed blew me in a big pot on the river and dropped even further, to 180k, which was about 15 big blinds at the time. Normally, I would like to go "on tilt", but this time I just stayed focused and continued to believe in victory. And I am proud of that.

So what did I learn? I have strategically improved and become more patient. For a long time in Cyprus I had to grind the short stack that trains. And what else did I learn? That I have not learned for a long time.

Stay tuned!
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